Wednesday, June 12, 2013

After the sleeplessness of several nights over sending Nick off to D.C. I've been a bit off-kilter the last day or two.  Yesterday was the worst to the point of wondering if I had a slight bug as my tummy was a bit icky and when it came to chores for the day, I did nothing except fix dinner.  I did however work on sewing together some crumbs and short strings.  This is a pile of them turned into all manner of misshapen partial blocks.  I haven't thought through what I'm constructing, only that I'm sewing those bits and pieces together into something bigger than they were. 

On Monday, I sorted the entire bin into color-related piles and whatever didn't fit neatly into one color grouping or another, I tossed back into a large pan, and that's what makes up this pile.  I'll probably square them up when I can get a good 6" or so square out of them.  And what will it be when it's done?  Who knows.  Maybe a placemat or two or three, or table topper, or a cat bed maybe.  It will become something and not be in the landfill or the compost bin.  Yep, I put those way-too-small-to-do-anything-with bits and thread out in my compost bin - 100% cotton breaks down well.  I just don't know if I should be concerned with the dyes though.  I'm sure if we were to locate some rat's nest, we'd probably find it quite cozy, don't you?

Crumbs becoming "something".

And then there's this, well, actually, this is almost gone, as is the mint chip, and the cookie dough which is definitely gone :(  Back just after Easter I had found this flavor at the local Super Walmart and thought I'd give it a try.  This is the second container, or maybe third.  It's quite yummy and has bits of carrot cake in it.  To me the nutmeg is a bit strong, but nutmeg always stands out for me more than the average person.  It's a good thing I like nutmeg, for the most part.

Blue Bunny 24 Karat Carrot Cake Ice Cream!
I'm thinking I need to get to the store tomorrow so that Nick will have his mint and/or cookie dough ice cream available when he returns.  Do you have a favorite ice cream?  The ones I've mentioned are all top of my list these days, but sometimes I just want plain old vanilla and top it with some homemade strawberry freezer jam, or blueberry pie filling.  But maybe my most favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia - that's a treat!  This Blue Bunny brand had a Burgundy Cherry with chocolate in amaretto vanilla, or something like that, and I have to say, I went through it pretty quickly and it just might beat out Cherry Garcia, especially when combined with a little bit of Cookie Dough ;p   

Tomorrow and Friday will be some grocery shopping days.  Walmart or local grocer for the ice cream, and bread.  Costco for some other needed items.

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