Thursday, June 6, 2013

Today's Conclusion

Today my thoughts wandered to what I'd do if I had my house all to myself (not that I'm planning on that, mind you, I rather prefer to keep my husband and son!).

I would dedicate one room, where my computer, printer, desk and a television are, to just my genealogy work.  OK, I might have to include my daily paperwork/records stuff into that location as well, but that wouldn't take up much space.

Of course, there would be my kitchen, but by myself, I likely wouldn't do a lot of cooking; I'm not above eating straight from a can to avoid having to wash a dish.  I admit, I try to get out of that cooking chore fairly frequently even though I enjoy cooking now and then, just not as much as I used to.

And bathrooms, well, they're for all that we know them to be there for, and nothing would change about that except I wouldn't have to clean them nearly as much as I do now (you know how it is with guys), and since there are three of them (bathrooms), one might be converted to just the cat's toilet room and I'd convert to using flushable cat litter!  Hate that nasty scooping job!

The rest of the house?  Well, at first I'd probably have to get one of those pods set up next to the house and then go through every room and ruthlessly decide what I'd really want to keep and temporarily put those things into the pod, and what could go, then I'd throw the doors wide open and have a big in-house sale for as many days as necessary.  Then I'd paint all the walls, oh mercy do they ever need it!, determine where I wanted sewing machines and tables and design walls, yes plural all around, and that way I could have projects going in quite a few rooms and not have to play the shuffle game.  I'd have a dining room, three bedrooms, a living room and a computer room freed up for quilting. 

What do you think, sound like a plan?  Maybe, maybe not, but that's what crossed my mind today as I was pinning some blocks on my design wall and ran out of space because I still had components of another project on it, all the while, scootching around file cabinets and a few other things - stuff!


  1. I need to do something like this! And given that my son is grown up and gone, there isn't really anything stopping me except my own inertia, I suppose.


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