Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Remodel Update

Upstairs before border tiles added. Love how the tile reflects the light and makes it look spacious.

With the border tile, and quarter round tiles added, and the floor tile has been positioned on the floor. It all needs to be grouted. It's getting so close to being a functioning bathroom room again. I am so excited, so thrilled with how it's turning, and feeling so unbelievably blessed.

This is the downstairs with how we used the 'extra' granite from the slab we got for the countertops. It measures to a 24" height...reminds me of an Oreo Cookies and Cream Blizzard from Dairy Queen :) No tile has been put in yet, but it will be the same as the upstairs for the walls and floor. The same floor tile will be used for the shower floor but has been cut to 4"x4" to accommodate the drainage slope and I'm think it too will look better set "on point" - like how I slipped in that quilting term?

1 comment:

  1. WOW! This is really starting to come together and it looks marvelous, Lee!!! You must be ecstatic! :)


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