Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Little Tuesday This & That

I haven't had a lot to blog about the last few days, or maybe it's just haven't wanted to think about what I might blog about, so today is a mish-mash of things.

This is one of the two little guys or gals that are growing so fast they'll be out of the nest in a day or two or three it seems.  Sorry my point-&-shoot doesn't do sharper images on zoom.  It's a hummingbird.

This is the light reflection being made during the eclipse on Sunday evening.  It was only partial here as we weren't in the path for getting the full thing.  Marty called these by a name, but I don't remember what that name is.  They look like little images of the sun with the eclipse shadow crossing it.

This little squirrel was enjoying a cool spot on the lawn next to the ash tree on a near-100 degree day.  I measured the girth of the ash: over 95" around. 

Ok, well, this is the back side of a baby robin...I missed the perfect photo op because I didn't have my camera outside.  From inside the house in the early morning, I heard a lot of bird chatter going on out back, so went to investigate.  There was a baby robin on a branch - a very good view and close - suddenly, up flies mama with some big dark bugs in her mouth and she fed baby right in front of me.  I so missed a great photo!  And this was the best I could get of baby as it started taking off up through the branches of the tree after I went in and got my camera.  Some mornings have been a loud cacophony of sound with the birds - I'm sure it's because so many babies are fledging right now and mamas are teaching them to 'hunt' for themselves.  I put a waterer out in the backyard but haven't seen a single bird anywhere near it.  I even scattered seed on the ground.

 The upper now has slider doors...still need that faucet, cabinet hardware, mirrors & towel/toilet tissue bars
The lower now also has a door and glass wall.  It also needs the same as above as well as the toilet...
Both will also need that final inspection by the city dude - oh joy!

And that's it for photos for today.

Here's my funny for the week:  Awhile back I complained about soap residue that didn't wash out of my dark clothes and left permanent stains because of these new-fangled water-conservative washers.  Well, I figured a way around that.  I place the soap powder in first, close the lid and let the water run until it begins to agitate.  I then open the lid and close it again.  It resets to add more water.  I then open it again and place my clothes in then shut the lid which causes it to add even more water - no more soap deposit problems.  That first round only adds about 5" of water in the bottom of the machine...how is that supposed to clean your clothes?  OK, so for the funny part.  Because doing it this way takes time by my having to stand there and wait for it to add water each time...not a problem for when I'm adding regular clothes because I use that time to lay each item out and pretreat as needed, but...I walked away to do a couple quick things in the kitchen (I was washing the kitchen towels, cloths & potholders in that load).  I then sat at the table, heard the washing action while I perused a couple magazines, and the dryer was running from the previous load.  Dryer buzzer goes off and I remove the items, went back to put the next load in the dryer because the washer had now stopped...NOTHING IN THE WASHER!  That's right, I got SO side-tracked, I forgot to go back and put the load of  towels in the machine!  I just had to laugh at my forgetfulness.


  1. Had to smile and laugh at your washer and dryer story! :) Sounds like most of my days, actually. I am with you on the new water conservative appliances - such a joke!

    Enjoyed your other pictures too. Have a nice weekend and holiday!


  2. LOL! I'm laughing *with* you! :) Enjoyed your fun photos of all your sweet wildlife. I love the chatter of birdsong in the morning!! Glad your building process is showing light at the end of the tunnel! YAY!!! :)


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