Thursday, May 17, 2012

Some Remodel

It's a 'not-much-of-anything' kind of day.

The contractor was here this morning and was able to install one we now have two working toilets more emergency reliance on the porta-potty because someone's taking an all-too-long- shower or has the toilet otherwise engaged ;)  We're waiting on the shower doors for both rooms.  I had hoped for this week, but it looks like the earliest would be Monday.  That will be the beginning of week 9....was only supposed to take 5 weeks, hah!
The model is a Toto Drake.  The tank is much smaller than our old one and sits farther from the wall - will have to get used to that.  It's also an elongated bowl whereas our old toilets were rounded front, another adjustment.


1 comment:

  1. Haha ... rule of thumb is, take the number of weeks the contractor *says* it will take, multiply that number by 1.5 and add 2 for good measure! LOL! At least there's light at the end of the tunnel! :)


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