Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just One, Look

This is my only rose bush. It's called "Gypsy Moth". I love it's pretty pink with just a hint of orange in the center. And it has a nice pretty fragrance too. I've had this bush for probably 20 or more years. This poor rose bush survives in spite of me (or is that despite my feeble efforts?). It likely needs water. It surely needs food. It definitely needs de-aphidizing (and I'm sure that's NOT a word, but it sounds good). The above photo is this year's first, and so far only blossom, but I think there's another sad looking bud.

This pic was from 2010...3 big beautiful blooms on the same stem.

It is in a pot, I've never put it in the ground because I don't know where to put it and roses need sun and our back yard, at least the part not covered by ugly broken up concrete, is grass barely covering massive amounts of tree roots and the tree that is growing said roots is a very good shading Ash tree, and one rose bush at the edge of the front lawn - regardless of which of the 4 sides or even in the middle, just would look, well, kinda puny. Hey, we haven't even planted anything in the front planter under the bay window because it doesn't get a whole lot of sunlight either - it's on the north side.

I use to have another rose bush in a pot, but managed to kill it off a few years ago. It's name was "Garden Party". It was whitish with any where from just hints of pink to a little more pink. Maybe I'll get another one someday.

My friend Ruth has lots of roses: bush type, tree and climbing. The climbing is a Cecil Brunner, I'd like that one, it's really pretty too. Well, most all roses are pretty, and fragrant. I love flowers with fragrance. Her late Daddy planted them; he was a very good Daddy and she lives in the house her parents had.

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