Monday, April 30, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Judy Laquidara reminds us that today is when we need to post what's on our design walls, so here's a shot of what I've worked on this past week or so. Not sure why the pic looks like it was taken through fog, maybe it'll show better once I post the blog entry. The framing blues are navy along with some of the corner triangles. While I was piecing the blocks, I wasn't sure I was liking this so much. Older fabrics of this vintage do that to me. Some of the fabrics I really, really like, others, ummm not-so-much. But with just this section pinned to the wall, wow, I really like how it's looking. Every fabric is a "floral" of some sort or has floral aspects within it. It is purely scrappy from a specific number of fabrics and I did very little to manipulate which fabric went where.

When all the blocks have had their sashing attached, and I've made the sashing rows for in-between, I will pin all the blocks to the design wall and then be a little more selective as to which block goes next to which other block. This is my April UFO....and depending on what number is selected in May, I'll either continue with this one, or set it aside again to work on the May selection. My goal this year is to progress, not necessarily to finish, although to finish would sure be nice!


  1. Very nice blocks and the fabrics are very pretty. I like the sashing inbetween.

  2. I really like your florals and the scrappiness of it all! My kind of quilt. :)



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