Friday, May 11, 2012


I went down to retrieve my measuring tape from where I'd been sewing, stubbed my little toe on the table leg just enough to reach out and brace myself by putting my hand on whatever was closest and this is the result:

My hand and weight landed right onto my quilting extension attachment....and it BROKE!!! you know expensive those are?  I won't say if a curse word went forth from my lips, but I was not happy...still am not, but if superglue will work on this the way it did on my acrylic ruler that I once dropped on the tiled floors and chipped a big chunk out of, then I will be happy enough as it will be usable, just not as pretty.  I should have taken it off and set it aside weeks ago; it hasn't been comfortable for just piecing.  Lesson learned...follow my gut!  And I could add that if I had less weight, it might not have broken, or if I'd had shoes on, I wouldn't have stubbed my toe...some lessons we have to learn over, and over, and over...

Well, happy Friday everyone and have a Blessed weekend :)


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  2. Oh Lee ... what a bummer. :( I hope it super glues nicely for you! Happy Mother's Day my friend!! Hugs! :)


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