Friday, May 11, 2012

Fina-Lee Friday

OK, it seems every time I open Blogger and want to type a new post I see this new and different (to me at least) format. So...I guess I should get used to it... but I really don't like change, especially with technical type things.

  • Bathroom remodel is really getting close. The last of the tiling was done on Tuesday and the last of the grouting was done yesterday. The biggest thing remaining is the shower doors: upper will be the sliding type and lower is a swing in for entry because it's just a shower without tub. Next are the toilets. After that, it's just a few little odds and ends and purchasing all new toweling. We got all of our current bath towels and stuff when we got married almost 16 yrs ago and they're pretty frayed and thin in spots. Oh, I almost forgot, I'm still trying to decide on where to get the drawer knobs and door handles for the cabinets. I want clear glass. Locally, they're around $10 and $14 apiece (8 knobs, 4 handles respectively). Online, the knobs are about 1/2 that and handles are around $10, better, but shipping & handling might bring the cost up to the local costs.
  • Nick and I may be heading to the NW next month. Need to review the dates and determine how long. Activities are already being planned. By going earlier though I'll be missing a maternal family picnic in August and a paternal family reunion the end of July. The latter is held every third year and always changes places. On the upside, when we return I can then focus on getting ready for the kitchen remodel....yayyyyy!
  • There was one day this week that I was really beginning to think I was due for an accident, but God kept his protective hand around me and kept me from plowing into a minimum of three separate, less than brilliant individuals who all pulled out in front of me to where I had to apply strong pressure to my brakes.
  • And then I wonder about those that insist on close-up reads of my license plate. My thought: "I'm not the leader, please pass" might make for a good bumper sticker if someone makes a mint on that, you'll have to pay me at least half of any profits ;) Occasionally a good window washing causes a little more space between my bumper and their front end ;).
  • Nick missed school on Monday and I took him to the doctor. It was viral but not the flu and not strep. He still has a cough and phlegm and is getting annoyed with it but it will pass.
  • The one rose blossom I posted about didn't last long. Temps here have been above 90 and close to triple digits for several days. All my other pretty bloomies I've posted about have pretty much said hasta la vista baby too.

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