Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday Thumpthings

OK, so I couldn't come up with a witty title for today, it was throublethum day.
We're really pushing the time limit (with our contractor) as to having our counter-top selections so that we can then have our tile selections for the two bathrooms. He wants us to have them by Monday morning. All week I've felt the weight of this decision on my shoulders.

Yesterday was a really fun day with a friend who took me to the place where she had gotten her prefab granite counter tops. Nothing jumped out at me but there were a few think-about runners-up. We also went to a large quilt shop in the valley that she had yet to go to...I think she's gonna be in trouble ;). We then had lunch, I drove her home and still made it back in time to pick Nick up from school. We did all our running around with me having a stress headache, muscle aches in my neck and a back that decided to start having fits only minutes before I left to take Nick to school that morning. It was an Rx pain pill day. I don't do those very often, dislike nearly all drugs. Also rolled up a towel and put under my back laying on the floor for 15 minutes. I think it helped some as I'm better today, though all three things are still there, just not as bad.

Last night I spent hours on Google searches to find stone places within driving distance. I called a couple this morning and one had a sufficient piece of remnant granite in the pattern/color we want, so I drove out to see it only to find that the location was the fabricator's and he was out on a job, so his worker called him and we arranged to meet at 1:30. I didn't want to drive all the way home only to return again (a part of that town I'm not real familiar with and I got lost the first time as it was!), so I drove all over the valley and found a couple of other places on my list with no luck, in fact one was completely closed as in out of business...unless they started selling clothing. When I went back for the appointment, he showed me the piece but unfortunately, it was more on the gold spectrum for that 'label'/quarry product, so I took a couple pix of it as well as a couple of other pieces in his yard. The sun was pretty high, and the remnant slabs were tightly packed against each other so none of the pictures give a real good view. I also stopped at the original granite place we'd gone to and took more pictures of the whole slab (54 sq'ft minimum of which we only need about 20! that's why we're looking for a remnant).

At this point, my frustration, and discouragement are running pretty high and I look forward to when the project is COMPLETED, but know we'll go through this and more when we get started on the kitchen. Marty's taking a vacay day again tomorrow, so maybe we can reach a decision. We're at analysis paralysis.

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  1. Lee I'm so sorry you're having to struggle with all this! I hope that over the course of the weekend you've gotten things picked and settled. I need to hurry up and read ahead so I can see!! :)


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