Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Picture Perfect Day

It's Wednesday and I haven't been on here much lately. Remodel details and things have taken my time. Today's weather, as with the last couple days, is more reminiscent of summer than spring. I almost broke down and turned on the A/C last night. It was 77 here in this room, and outside until nearly 10:00 p.m. The online forecast over the next ten days is showing a high of 83 for Fri & Sat, but it's already been that hot yesterday and will likely be today (which the site is showing should be a high of 75 but it's not even noon and is already that temp). I'm suspecting we'll be hitting low 90's by weekend. Thank God for A/C, I know I'll be using it by the weekend.

Downstairs shower has now been 'floated' in preparation to affix the tile. Tile will be here on Friday except for the darker glass border tile - it'll be here Tues :) And yesterday, the walls were painted in both rooms. It's coming together. But one last critical area to select: the TOILETS ! Oh dear! If we were to get the toilet to match the sink we chose for downstairs (the most used & company bathroom), that toilet's MSRP is $578...and $662 if we want to add the SaniGloss coating that's supposed to help guard against stains and such which would be wonderful in this area. Yikes!!! Did you know that there are toilets out there that cost over $6000.00? And they're NOT gold-plated!

The shiny tile on the left will be placed on the shower walls. In the downstairs bathroom, we're using the extra granite on the three walls from the base of the shower to a 23" height (at least that's the height the fabricator tells us will be available) and the tile will be above a row of that middle border tile piece (bottom center). The granite is shown on the right. In the upstairs bathroom, the tile will extend from the rim of the tub to the ceiling. It will also have a border of the same size/shaped tiles as shown there in the center bottom but they're a combination of dark browns that blend well with the darker aspects of the granite and that border will be higher, around the 5' level. The floor tiles are a co-ordinated/matching tile that's 13x13" with a slightly rougher matte finish.

This is an epiphyllum. It's similar to a Christmas Cactus - not really a cactus as in desert cacti but more like a succulent, heck, maybe it is a succulent. While it has a lot of blooms, it's nothing compared to what it had on it last year. Last year at one point there was something like 30 or so blooms open all at the same time with many, many more buds that opened over several weeks. This year, maybe only 1/2 a dozen are open with maybe only another couple dozen buds showing on the plant at all. The plants tallest branches come up about 4 1/2' and it spreads widely overflowing its pot. I need to clean around it from all the winter debris that's accumulated. There's a schefflera potted behind it.

A pretty little rusty-colored, fringy tulip from the bulbs I brought back from my mom's that got planted 4 mos. late.

This is a type of daffodil/narcissus. I have never seen one like it before. It just opened up yesterday and has an absolutely divine fragrance. Also from my mom's bulbs. There are 3 or 4 of them opening up.

And how can I not include, her eyes are not two different colors. I suspect because they're slightly crossed that the light reflection from the camera hit each eye differently. Another pic showed them both the blue shade. Notice those white marks on my cutting mat? That's where the surface is chipping away to the solid layer between the two green layers. It started happening back when I was cutting up all my scraps and I think it's because I keep this mat on my desk slash cutting table where I'm also known to eat my lunch because I have the computer here. I've always kept a pot holder under any hot plates/bowls, but I can't come up with any other reasons why it might have done this except that for a time I did have the laptop there but it had a chill pad under it so wouldn't have thought it could've damaged the mat.

And lastly, I would love to be snoozing like little Flame. But it's hard to snooze when you have workers in your house...I'm really missing my naps!

Have a joyful Wednesday!

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