Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fina-Lee Friday (a day late)

And it's (it was) Good Friday at that.
  • The bathrooms have drywall, as of Tuesday.
  • We still need to select granite (or other solid surface), tile for tub & shower/shower/floors, paint color, toilets, accessories, as of Tuesday.
  • We're still waiting on the back-ordered sinks, one sink faucet, and both shower heads & handles, as of Tuesday. should have them this next Saturday.
  • I'm getting tension headaches, not sleeping well.
  • Remodel issues are in my dreams and on my mind the minute I wake up.
  • Environmentalists+politicians+regulations+manufacturers make for one sorry lot of mess for the majority of the population.
  • I recycle, I compost, I use/reuse/remake. I wear my clothes beyond still looking good; you should see me trying to keep my pants up because the elastic has gone bad, ok, well maybe you shouldn't see that. I almost kept two toilets to turn into planters. There's probably a regulation against that.
  • I'm wondering where I will find enough boxes without having to spend money for them, to pack up the kitchen stuff BEFORE we have the contractor bid the project. I told him I will live without an oven for two years if I have to in order to have everything in place/on order/at hand/all choices 'in stone', before I sign anything. I'm learning!
  • Nick had no school today. Nick has no school all next week; it's EASTER Vacation.
  • While Nick's on vacation, none of us can sleep in :( . The contractor & any helper(s) arrive before 8:00 a.m. so that means we ALL have to be up, showered and dressed. I am bummed. I WANT to sleep in. I NEED to sleep in.
  • I'm living, breathing (dust), dreaming construction/remodel. I also NEED one of those massages at the foot massage place...they massage every appropriate place from head to foot, so why it's called foot massage I've no clue. I want to dream quilts, but I can't even think of them right now with this dust, and I'm even worried about how much dust is filtering into my stash closet. I should have cleared the stuff from in front of its door and closed that door along with the room's door. I keep room doors closed, but it's still amazing to see how much dust comes through...and they're done with most of the dust producing things...go figure!
  • And I intended to post this yesterday, but oops, it's late in the day on Saturday already.

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  1. Lord, I'm so grateful that in the midst of the dust and upheaval, You are in control. I pray Your peace that passes all understanding for my friend Lee -- that You would give her and Marty wisdom in picking out the things that need to be picked out and that in spite of having to get up early all this week, that You would allow them to enjoy this Easter break. And I ask it in the name of Jesus, amen! :)


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