Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fina-Lee Friday

The weeks seem to be running together.
  • Quilting: I didn't get anything posted this past week for Stash Busting, nor for Design Wall Monday but somewhere over the past couple weeks, I was able to work on piecing for about 45 minutes. I probably could have done more, but chose to work on genealogy instead. What I worked on was from my post here. It's the April UFO Challenge quilt which I'd already cut all the fabric on.
  • Genealogy: While working on my genealogy, I was notified of a reply to a message board post I'd made some years, many years, ago at I checked it out, and after reading the message decided to contact the person. She is a mutual descendant (2nd cousins-once removed) from my Swedish Resare branch. She lives 2500 miles from me and we probably won't meet in this world, but after numerous back and forth long, chatty messages, we pretty sure we will see each other in our Lord's Heaven :) It has been such a blessing corresponding with this very sweet woman. She's in her early 80's, but I think she's quite spunky and could probably out-do me in a heartbeat in many areas. She is lovely!
  • Remodel-toilets: Marty and I had a difficult time getting to our final toilet decision. I pretty much knew what I wanted. He wanted life to continue as it was with the OLD clarify, he wanted the 1.6 gpf as we believed "that other place" when they said that we couldn't get them anymore. He wasn't convinced the 1.28 would 'do the job'. Marty also really balked at how much they were based on our initial research showing the MSRP on the most expensive one as $662...I wasn't thrilled with that either! "That other place" quoted us at $430 and 'the new place' about $20 lower than that. Still a pricey toilet to be sure, but how often do you change out your toilets? This is a quality brand (TOTO) with excellent reviews, and friends/acquaintances I spoke to said 'TOTO' when I asked if they had recommendations. It also matches the sink in the bathroom that will be used the most by us and any guests in our home. The other one is quite a bit less but still a TOTO.
  • Remodel-toilets: Update to the above blip: Marty decided 1.28 gpf is just fine...and we should be able to get a water co. rebate on them for going with the water-saving ones. They are ordered and are expected to arrive on Wednesday.
  • Weather: Summer temps have arrived much to my dismay. My preference would be, in my ideal world, a maximum of 80 outside. I'm truly thankful and grateful for A/C both in my house and in my car! @ 1:40 p.m. it's 93 and still climbing :( Time to get rid of the flannel sheets.
  • Entertainment: So disappointing to see Colton Dixon voted off American Idol last night. He was so refreshing . As of last night all 7 finalists were too good for me to pick, but I really didn't think it would be Colton leaving!
  • Remodel-cabinets: The cabinets were installed this morning; the granite fabricator was here to final measure and pick up the sinks in order to make sure all is cut right. In looking at the cabinets, I'm a bit 'put off' by the design of the left-side narrower door (L door & center door are same design, but because the center door is so wide it looks far less peaked than the L door - L would be better with the same square of the R side drawer fronts), not a fault of the contractor, but of my own lack of visual perception when choosing the door style in conjunction with the right-side drawer fronts. Hmmm, may have to see how costly it is to change out that door on both vanities. ...... checked, they will remain as they are ! The contractor orders the doors, but then sprays and sands three times & that's costly...oh well. Did you notice Raven managed to get in the shot? She's checking out the 'float work' on the shower, making sure the tile dude did it right.
  • Remodel-cabinets: A few items remain to be chosen: drawer/door handles/knobs of which I'm leaning away from knobs and towards graceful handles, the light fixtures which we'll probably get from Lowes - they're set up to where you can choose the base fixture and then choose the globes separately, the towel bars/rings/hooks - not sure what I prefer, and the toilet paper holder.

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