Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day...a day late ;)

Who invented that day anyway? I remember when I was single, which was a total of 40 of my 58 years, I always wanted a special Valentine. My sister got a box of chocolates in high school once from a guy she had no interest in. I think she threw them in the trash. I had a 'love' in high school that carried on through a few years after but I don't recall much about whether we celebrated it much. Then my first marriage, I vaguely recall a small but cute little floral thingy. There may have been more but that marriage ended a very long time ago and I've no desire to recall what may have been or not. Marty struggles at those romantic things I once held onto in my delusional world encouraged by Hallmark and Hollywood, so at this point in life, I've come to never expect anything and that way should anything ever come along, I can be surprised and enjoy it a whole lot more. No surprises. And of course, along with that, I've learned not to do much either as any cards (which aren't cheap by the way) aren't held onto with any sentimentality by the party receiving them, so I didn't spend my money. I also don't like going out amongst the crowded restaurants for ANY so-called special occasion, so we spent our Valentine's evening with our tax guy having our taxes done. He and his wife don't do any of the ooey-gooey stuff either. She feels, as I do too, that why does it take just 1 day out of 365 to make it a special day to express your love for your spouse...make it every day, or a day that's specifically special to you!

Marty and I did have a funny conversation about V. Day on the way to the tax guy. I told him I had thoughts that I could always look around and find a card he might have held onto (or that I retrieved from the paper recycle bag) and just recycle it by giving it to him again...every year. We laughed at that. He said he probably wouldn't even notice if it had a previous years date on it, lol. Hmmm, wonder if I have one I stashed somewhere... I am sentimental believe it or not, and I also do genealogy, so tend to hold onto some things like that.

After our tax appt., we did go to Ben & Jerry's for ice cream. My favorite is Cherry Garcia, yummy! I got a double-cone with the other flavor being their new Schweddy Balls. It was very good too, rum flavoring in the vanilla ice cream and in the chocolate balls, but the name ... well, really, couldn't they have named it something else?

Even though this quilt isn't finished, I'd rolled in and pinned the sides, and clipped to the wall-hanging holder in the hallway with the intent of having it there during Feb. for Valentine's Day. It only lasted a couple days though, as the kitties thought they should pull it down, and I didn't bother to put it back up. Hopefully it will get finished this year. It's one of the 12 goals for the UFO Challenge at Patchwork Times. One of my long-planned goals was to have a different quilt representing each month and something special about each month for that area of the hall. I have one very generic (my very first quilt) that I hang there, I have this one (unfinished), and I have two different Christmas ones. I guess that's progress, but not what I had hoped to accomplish over the last 10+ years. There's always tomorrow, Lord willing!

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  1. Hahaha! Until you made the comment about couldn't they name the ice cream something else, I didn't catch it. Yuck!! Your wallhanging is looking great!! And yes, there's always tomorrow...Lord willing and the creek don't rise! :)


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