Friday, February 3, 2012

Fina-Lee Friday

The best thing about it being Friday...after I pick up Nick from school, I don't have to drive until Sunday, and even then, I let Marty drive.
  • Was this a week of full moons? It's probably a long-standing myth, but traffic ... or should I say drivers...get really weird when there's a full moon. I like the safety of my four (or more) walls!
  • The precious kitties have discovered toilet tissue, and plants.
  • Nick had some missing homework this week. Oddly enough, so did a number of kids in the same class - kids that don't normally miss handing in homework...hmmm, maybe the teacher lost them?
  • I'm thinking that making a huge pot of a one-dish whatever, should cover a week's worth of dinners -- would sure save me time spent in the kitchen both in cooking and cleaning.
  • I like Maxine, you know, of Crabby Road fame. Sometimes I think her name should be Lee. And of all things, a man writes the comic strip!
  • Watched "Worst Kitchen In America"...hey, mine's as old as that guy's was.. and they called his 10x10...mine's smaller, his sink was newer; his cupboard doors had the same pattern. Must've been the trend in the '60s.
  • Marty's still trying to isolate the bathroom leak, one slow step at a time. I'm exercising my skills in patience - trying. Submission is willfully placing oneself in subordination. My parents weighed in with their 2-cents worth, as my dad did a lot of construction and has done a LOT of repairs. He suggested filling the tub with water and a colorant like food-coloring to see if, when it's drained, the leak comes from the drain which would show up on the wood of the flooring. I relayed that to Marty. I tested it a couple days ago - no color when the floor showed new wetness. My conclusion: the pipes in the common wall between the bathrooms.
  • I wonder if I'm the only one who is annoyed enough with the JCPenney commercial ~ you know, the one with all the screaming ~ to avoid shopping there at all costs?
  • When you're waiting for your son to get out of school, sitting in your car with the engine off and windows down on a beautiful 73 degree day, why is it that the biggest, noisiest, diesel, SUV parks next to you and leaves it running?

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