Monday, February 13, 2012

Bathroom Update

I really wish, oh how I wish, we had some really good news to report on this. Like the leak was absolutely found. Like the insurance would be covering it. Like it was a whole new bathroom and all done. But the reality is, we might have finally found where water was leaking, and it's not a pipe or joint leak. It might be where the tub spigot/spout abuts the tile surround. I don't know why, but we didn't even notice until a couple days ago that there was a huge gap between the spout and the tile and the little bit of caulking in between was shriveled and pulled away allowing water to get into the wall, which was conceivably going down the inside and under the tub until it came out soaking the wood under the linoleum.

Marty and I have looked at this whole issue through different eyes, you might say. We were just not connecting and I'd wait until he did what he felt he needed to do before proceeding. Today, I was able to contact the insurance company, and NO they do not cover this on our policy as it has been an ongoing, albeit unknown, problem. Had it been damage from a sudden break in a pipe, it would have been covered. Good grief. So would that mean if the pipe suddenly broke but no evidence was known for a long time, it wouldn't be covered either, yep!

I'll be getting an updated bathroom, but it'll be fully at our expense, and it could be months of inconvenience while Marty decides those things he may be able to do himself and those he's willing to let a 'professional' do. Oh, the joys of home ownership ;) Have I mentioned I've been waiting 15 years to get my kitchen upgraded? It'll be a lot longer.

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  1. Oh Lee, I'm so sorry for your bathroom woes. At least -- on the bright side -- you did finally nail down the problem. In spite of it all, I hope you've had a very Happy Valentine's Day!! :)


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