Friday, February 24, 2012

Fina-Lee Friday

Friday again, and I haven't posted much. The fact is, I haven't quilted much either. The bathroom issues have me all out of sorts. And better, few or no posts than me ranting and ranting some more.
  • Gas prices!!! Well, what's to say? 10 cent/day increase for days on end, well, I can't do a THING about it and my car needs gas to run. The only 'running' I do is to and from Nick's school with any necessary shopping done enroute home, and then to & from church on Sunday. Can't cut back any more than that.
  • I didn't get my winter quota this year. Spring is clearly bursting out all over with 80+ temps every day.
  • Friday is trash day. So why didn't I clean the garage yesterday before the trash came instead of today? The hardest part is letting go of all that stuff that's been accumulating. Some of it's truly trash at this point, some is destined for the Salvation Army, other stuff is still in that "I don't know what to do with this because I have this stupid emotional attachment to it" or "This is 'valuable', I could sell it (as if), or I can repurpose it (as if), or a thousand other excuses (take your pick)." I do NOT want to find myself on Hoarders.
  • Heard a comment the other day and it made me chuckle: The Beatles were a rock group from the last century :S They aren't they only thing from the last century, lol.
  • Then a friend on facebook had posted a link to an article (from 2009 no less) out of the Guardian (UK) that said: "American taste for soft toilet roll 'worse than driving Hummers'." It went on to explain how our buttocks are pampered because we Americans (I guess that's all inclusive?) have to have the softest toilet tissue which is only made from virgin forests (at end of article noted to state it should have read virgin wood - as opposed to recycled wood product - as virgin wood creates longer staple that provides for softness, and using virgin wood is less environmentally friendly because of the manufacturing process. I want to know what they use in the UK! Sandpaper? leaves? Sears catalog? Old newspaper or phone books? Inquiring minds want to know.
  • From a 1943 flour recipe booklet: "Old Fashioned Fruit Turnovers" These days, that could be renamed "Ancient Fruit Turnovers" Funny to think every generation looks backward and thinks of it as "Old Fashioned".
  • From another recipe booklet from 1942: "Spleen Stew"....eeewww It was the war years and I guess nothing went to waste as there were also recipes using liver, kidney, heart, lung, tongue, sweetbreads, brains, and tripe (stomach for those who don't know). We probably eat this frequently in the form of hot dogs, bologna or other 'mixture' meat forms. I don't want to think about THAT!
  • OK, and one more from the back of one of those "old fashioned" pamphlets. This one's an advertisement for an old radio program "Meet Corliss Archer" Time 9:30 PM Eastern War Time, 7:30 PM Mountain War Time...ditto on the War Time for Central and Pacific. This was the Columbia Broadcasting System with sponsor Anchor Hocking Glass Corp. I found it remarkable that the time zones would be termed as War Time(zone). I wonder if it differed from Standard Time, and now I'll have to research as to when Daylight Savings Time was implemented.

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  1. So sorry your bathroom woes continue. Boo!! Spleen stew??! That gets an emphatic YUCK! Our gas prices continue to soar, too. Sheesh! :)


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