Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Whatta Wednesday

Well, there's nothing really 'whatta' about it, but what can one say, it IS Wednesday and whatta-you-know, you know? OK, enough silliness.

I don't have any new pictures of anything today. My camera promptly informed me that the memory card was full and I thought I had a backup one, but can't seem to find it, so it looks like I'll have to go buy one, but I haven't given up looking yet.

I saw the dr. for my wrist today since PT is over. We decided not to do the cortisone shot nor surgery for now, but to rather give it a few months and see how it feels. It is better and only occasionally yelps at me, like the other night when I attempted to use the rotary cutter for the first time (mostly) in nearly 5 months. It only yelped briefly so I went ahead and cut up some scraps for quite awhile. It was a little achy when done but I let it be. The next day and evening, I did some more and didn't hear/feel it yelp at all, so I think I can finally get back to being quilt-productive.

Housework has fallen behind with using my wrist as an excuse too, so I guess I'll have to pick up the ball on that as well. Sure wish I could be like Jeanie or Samantha (remember back to those 1960s shows?) and just cross my arms, nod my head, or wiggle my nose and have everything clean, sparkling and in place - with the knowledge of where everything is! just once, that's all, just once. I promise to try to keep it that way. Well, it was a nice dream. At best I could probably hire a maid service for a week or so, but I don't think that'd solve my personal-negligence issues. So that said, I guess I'd better scoot, I still have the last of the Christmas decs to put away and set in the garage for Marty & Nick to put back up into the storage loft.

Have a terrific day and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I'm saving my Christmas putting away for the weekend. I hope your wrist continues to improve; glad you're not having to consider surgery!! Hugs! :)


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