Monday, January 2, 2012

Design Wall Monday #1 of 2012

Yay! But hey, it's the same one I showed yesterday for the start of the 2012 UFO Challenge, and I'll show it again, just a different image. I haven't made any progress since yesterday aside from taking it's box off the shelf and looking to see exactly what is left to do. One strip segment still needs to be added to one of the borders and then the borders are ready to add to the top (unless I need to adjust for an accurate fit, I haven't checked that yet). I'm open to suggestions for how to quilt it. Keep in mind, I've taken only one class in free-motion quilting and haven't perfected it by any means, so would like to keep it simple - unless I practice more.

You can see some more wonderful works in process here at Judy's Patchwork Times.

Since I haven't really done anything quilty since before last summer's vacation (due to the wrist injury) I sat last night and trimmed scraps as per Quiltville's Bonnie Hunter's methods. The wrist is ok but yes, I know I was using it with that rotary cutter - I feel it!

I had been doing this manner of cutting to some degree even before finding her method, but will 'change my ways' as to how many sizes of blocks and strips, etc. Nothing will go to waste even if the slimmest of trimmings are kept for a long time to be stuffing for a dog or cat pad! After reading one of the string foundation methods on the testimonials there, I finally know how I will use some of the 'ugly' fabric pieces I likely would not use otherwise: they can become the foundation pieces using a portion of them to still show through along with the other strings - too cool!

I love the great ideas we can find out in blog-land, thank you to everyone for sharing...and for commenting :)


  1. It really is amazing, all that you can get out of 'scrap' fabric, isn't it? I have to get my UFO out of storage. I just tucked it away in September, when I did my big stash reorganization. I'm sorry your wrist is making its presence known today -- hopefully it will quiet down with a little rest. Don't overdo it! :)

  2. I love your UFO... the scrappy look is fantastic. I've become a "FOLLOWER" of your blog and will visit often.
    Take care.


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