Monday, January 30, 2012

Design Wall Monday (& Stash Report Wk 4)

Progress is slow, but at least there's been progress and that is much more than what happened in 2011.

Puzzler has still been the object of attention this week. All borders are on, but I've yet to get to the backing and layering for quilting.

Raven has decided she likes it. Isn't she turning into just the most statuesque, elegant kitty? The vet said her right eye's 'squinting' look is from a birth defect where the eyelid didn't complete form. I'm supposed to get eye drops for her; have yet to pick them up. She also wanted to check out this little quilt. I did not make this one. It's a community service project from my quilt guild that I brought home, oh so long ago that I'm embarrassed to say just how long (have you seen a pattern in how long it takes me to do things?). It's a baby/crib quilt and needs only to be quilted & bound. I did get it layered shortly after I brought it home, but then set it aside in favor of other projects.

These are the two things on my 'design wall' as of today.

Judy's friends are reporting on their design wall beauties here. Enjoy!

Stash Report:
Nothing IN, Nothing OUT, NO changes ;)

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  1. I do that with my quilts, too...get so far and then set them aside in favor of other projects. I will admit (quietly) that I enjoy the idea/design process a LOT and when I get one, I'm anxious to flesh it out a bit. Finishing it, though, is a different story. Both of your DW projects look great, and Raven is a darling--she definitely needed to be a quilter's pet! :)


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