Friday, January 13, 2012

Fina-Lee Friday

Here we are again with yet another week having passed by all too quickly. The days are getting better, and I hope to be back on track with quilting reports on Sunday and Monday!! I have at least been working on cutting up scraps into blocks, squares and strips, so all has not been set aside.
We are in the process of looking for a 2nd 'kitten'...did you know there's a 'season' for kittens? I suppose in the back of my mind I did too, but it escaped me. I expected to be able to go to our local shelter and find several to choose from...not ONE!! and only a few adult cats. I then went to another about 30 miles away and goodness, I'd have had to wait over an hour and a half just to ask questions about adopting one of a couple we might've been interested in. Oh, and it was late in the day and I had only my prescription sunglasses for driving. Guess who didn't wait! We've since looked at photos of several kitties of various kitten/young ages that are up for adoption through rescue places. One in particular caught our attention, but we're 2nd in line and won't know until the 1st in line meets her on Sat. Raven clearly needs another cat to keep her company. I tried to update our Quicken data - impossible with this little monkey! So we played fetch on the stairs to tire her out a little and I think I have her down for a nap (sounds like I have a baby, huh?). She loves to be curled up on Nick's uber-soft bathrobe for her nap. She thinks it's 'mama' and tries to suckle and knead on it. Clearly she was removed from mama to soon, but no choice from the story of how we got her.

I was going to upload a video of Raven but discovered Blogger's max. is 100mb and mine is 285mb. So does that mean I just make a shorter version? So much to learn....still, lol.

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