Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Totally T.M.I and Non-Quilt Related

Sometimes my mind runs in funny ways. So if you don't want to learn how my mind warped on underwear, go do some quilting or cooking, or blog-surfing elsewhere, or laundry. I'll leave a little space so you can make that decision to run now while it's safe.

Marty told me he had no clean underwear. He did. There was a pair in his travel bag. So I washed underwear today. I hate handling underwear...it's just gross. I won't go further than that. So, I put the load in the washer this morning and forgot about it. A little while ago I was reading Judy's (Patchwork Times) blog and she mentioned laundry, which jogged my memory to go put the shorts and socks in the dryer. I made a comment about it as I walked down the stairs and Marty said he could wear cold shorts. But wet? Ewww, I don't think he'd want to wear cold wet shorts even clean ones! I'm putting them into the dryer and my mind starts running on about underwear. In fact, on changing underwear. On what if you skip your shower, does underwear need to be changed? 'Mother' always says 'change your underwear, what if you were in an accident & had to go to the doctor'...what, he's going to see my underwear if I break my arm? Maybe. Then I thought, well, why get grossed out if you have to put your dirty underwear back on if you have no clean ones, unless you tossed them to the floor and the floor's filthy, which then led to why don't we change our underwear every time we use the toilet? Is that any different than taking them off to shower, other than they don't get cold when still at your knees or ankles? Or, why wear underwear at all? Or, maybe wear peel off underwear that has layers of protection in 'just the right areas' that you can flush along with everything else or at least toss in a trashcan. And what about when you go camping - you know, the roughin'-it kind of camping or backpacking. Every ounce counts when you go backpacking! Makes me wonder too what other countries/cultures do about underwear. Ug, Me Tarzan, You Jane comes to mind ;).

OK, am I now totally certifiable. What I really want to know is, where'd all this laundry come from? I thought I was caught up!


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  2. LOL! thanks for the great post! :-)

  3. After my car accident, when my foot got mutilated, they cut off my skirt and undies. They were going to cut off my shirt and bra, too, but I fussed...that was a $50 bra! LOL!! I never found the show I had on my right foot...probably just as well. And this was probably TMI, too! As for the laundry, it NEVER fails that just when I have the last load clean, folded, and put away, Todd manages to fill the basket again! I think he hides dirty clothes somewhere waiting for the perfect moment to put them in the laundry basket!! :)


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