Sunday, January 15, 2012


Flaming Star/Flamingstar "Flame"
We adopted this little darling early this afternoon. She's about 10-12 wks old, exactly what we were looking for. She's already had shots, tests, micro-chip, spaying, etc. from the shelter we acquired her from. They had called her Dylan - somehow that just doesn't fit, and Nick has read the entire "Warriors" cat clan series of books - the only books he'll read that aren't assigned school projects! I can see it now, 30 years in the future, he's a cat hoarder or runs a cat sanctuary or something along those lines. Guaranteed he won't be a vet - he doesn't enjoy school and thinks it's 'dumb' even though his 2nd quarter grades were all A's and 1 B.

Raven is surprisingly hissy. Amazing what just a few weeks of age in a kitten brings. When Fanner was still here, Raven never once hissed and only wanted to snuggle and play and Fanner would have nothing doing. Now Raven hisses and spits and lashes out...even at ME when she smells my shirt where Flame was held! Oy!

They should settle down in a few days, weeks, hopefully not months! For now, they will only be together when they can be supervised. Flame needs to get accustomed to her new home, so we'll start with a small area as we did when Raven first came to us.

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