Monday, January 23, 2012

Design Wall Monday, Wk 3

On my design ironing board, lol, is my #5 UFO The Puzzler ~ finally as of yesterday, I was able to get to the sewing machine ~ had to remove quite a bit of 'clutter' from the table before I could get to it! The top & bottom borders are ON, and I'm hoping, no, that's plan to get the side borders on today. I may have to fudge in a few of those checkered/piano keys first as the borders came out slightly longer than the sides by a little over an inch, maybe I can just ease them in...I've probably never said I tend to struggle with that 1/4" seam no matter how many tricks and tips I've tried...and believe me, I've tried a lot, if not ALL of them!!! With this many pieces, even the instructions said fudging may be I'm in good company :) Head on over to Judy's to find more exciting projects that others have on their design walls.

These gals keep me company while I'm at my computer and/or trim scraps. Raven on the left, Flame on the right. They don't always sleep like this (Flame woke just enough for the pic), and often wrestle in this box but they get a bit wild so I place them on the floor, where they'll do silly baby kitty things like this...

Too cute playing with the plastic tub in between as they try to catch each others' toes. It's so fun having little kitties in the house again, but we sure miss Fanner still.


  1. I really like the border you have on that puzzler quilt!! It is stunning.

    1. Love your scrappy style. And of course the cute kitties.

  2. What adorable kitties! Thanks for the adorable pictures of them!


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