Friday, January 27, 2012

Fina-Lee Friday

Friday seems to come all too quickly ... maybe I should this to "Too Frequent-Lee Friday", LOL. And where did these clouds come from? I'm not complaining mind you, I just wasn't expecting them. So here's the past week's tidbits. I had plenty I could have ranted at, especially yesterday's traffic, but I'll try to be more like a duck and let those things roll off my back like water ;)
  • It rained again Sunday night through Monday...makes me smile as we need it, especially up in the mountains.
  • The ceiling in my craft room....still leaks!
  • Marty had taken off early last Friday evening with one of his photog buddies to head for the mountains for some photography and wasn't supposed to be back until late Sunday. He got back a day early as the weather cleared and they were wanting to shoot stormy/snowy weather.
  • Nick went to Tino's for a sleepover last Friday night, so it was just me and the kittens ~~ it was a nice quiet evening.
  • I discovered that I'm 25+ years older than one of the mom's of one of Nick's classmates. Now I really feel old. My daughter is closer to her age! I was 45 when I gave birth to Nick, and physically and mentally I often wonder "What was I thinking?". But he's a true gift from God and we are blessed to have him and I wouldn't change it for the world.
  • Medical billing/statements...WHO invented these ridiculous programs??? and why can't they get the info correct??? Please go back to: charge, paid, balance in date order and stop mixing/splitting apples and oranges! (Yes, I'm ranting!)
  • The kittens had checkups on Wed. Our vet thinks Raven has herpes. She said about 80% of cats do. That's why Raven sneezes a lot (and I thought it was all the dust from my bad housekeeping), and her lymph nodes are still enlarged so prescribed a stronger antibiotic and recommended an additive to the food that would help prevent 'outbreaks'. This is apparently an animal herpes and doesn't cross species so no fear in us humans getting it. If left untreated I guess she could get really snotty with her sneezes. Eewww. Otherwise, they're fine and healthy :) and both are now micro-chipped should they ever decided to go outside and explore (I intend them to be indoor kitties! at least until/if we can build a caged area for them to go out into for some sunshine, bug chasing or whatever.)
  • I'm way behind in updating Quicken. I sorted all the receipts in order to enter them more efficiently, went to the computer the program is on and...the keyboard isn't working! And Marty isn't answering my i.m. I checked the connection, it's ok. So the problem is something else. Marty recently upgraded that machine to Windows 7, so maybe something went wonky because of that, but it has worked since that time. It seems there's been something every time I've attempted to update lately. A week or so ago I had entered some, and then stopped only to have that computer 'catch a virus' even when no one was using it...grrr. Glad I have Marty to fix those frustrating things because I'd never be able to.
  • God provided this glorious scene on Tuesday night:

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  1. Oooh...beautiful sunset capture. God sure does know how to paint a glorious sky, doesn't He?! Lee, you must have started this post on Monday? If I hadn't scrolled down through my list I'd have completely missed it ... it says it's a Friday post, but it's got Monday's date! LOL! :) Sounds like you've had a busy, busy week! I hope you have a GREAT weekend!! :)


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