Sunday, March 17, 2013

Stash Report - Week 11

It's that time again where we post our Stash Reports over at Patchwork Times.

It looks like my last report was back on the 25th of February....late even, so it's clearly time to report in again.  And this time, I have sad news, well, ok glad news, well, view it however you wish, but I haven't decreased my stash, rather, I have again added to it!  You see, there was a quilt show this weekend, and what does one do when they go to a quilt show and there are vendors with fabric?  Exercise restraint? I don't think so.  But oh, there was so much more I petted and wanted to buy, so I DID exercise restraint, lol.

Without any further adieu, here are my increase of 9.625 yards over my last report.

Used This Week: 0 yards
Used Year to Date: 0 yards
Added This Week: 9.625 yards
Added Year to Date: 14.625 yards
Net Used for 2013: -14.625 yards 

And this is what I brought home:

This set of 6 fat quarters was a WIN for posting on the facebook page of one of the vendors that was there! I had a choice of these, a $10 gift certificate, or a Charm Pack.

Another set of 6 fat quarters, love these!  These weren't free though.

I don't like orange....usually.  You won't find much orange in my stash unless it was given to me.  But there was something about this fabric that grabbed me, so I bought both 1/2 yard cuts available.

One of the vendors sells 'pre-owned' fabric.  The gray-blue on the left was 1.125 yards, and the other was a yard.

And lastly, this set is two one-yard cuts and 3 half-yard cuts, all sold independently of the other but to my liking and for no specific purpose other than I liked them.  Which is really why my stash grows a bit at a time.
Also following me home were these items:

A bobbin box, a 3" tumbler template, and two quilt patterns.
And there you have it, my report for this week.

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