Friday, March 22, 2013

Fina-Lee Friday

And well, it's getting awfully close to Saturday!

  • Traffic's had it's usual, questionable choices by drivers; thankfully no incidents!  
  • Marty's been working from home again the last few Fridays.  That shouldn't bother me, but I've come to see this as 'my domain' during those hours.  Guess I'll have to readjust!
  • Nick is doing well with his piano lessons.  His newest piece to practice will be My Heart Will Go On, you know, that incredibly heart-wrenching song from Titanic, yeah, it always makes me tear up.
  • There's an area of town I drive through every day to get Nick to and from school that has flowering plum trees in full bloom on BOTH sides of the street.  Stunning.  I noticed Barbara at Cat Patches has a picture at her blog of some of those blossoms in her neck of the woods.
  • I've finished 5 of the 6 girls on the quilt I took a class at last Saturday....and just how is it that it's almost Saturday again? Way too soon!
  • Nick had a dentist appointment this week: "A+" and his GPA for the 3rd quarter was a 3.91 - his highest ever :) and that makes this Mama very happy.
  • On Tues I had an appointment for an MRI to my upper back and to my neck - over 45 minutes in that narrow tube without being able to flinch a muscle....was happy I had past experience caving through lava tubes to know that I wasn't claustrophobic...and it helped to just keep my eyes closed during the whole process...a good time for prayer.
  • A second appointment today to get the results of my MRI.  Some small protrusions in some areas of the neck and upper spine, but nothing that the doctor would even recommend any further procedures for.  She did however suggest I take Celebrex for the pain in my neck, which by the way, wasn't bothering me until the pain management doctor did a specific test where he pushed down on my head - perhaps with a bit too much force as it really hurt at the time...some pain management that was, eh?  That was quite awhile back now, and the pain is lessening, but I still awake with a headache every morning.  The lower back is feeling better than it had in a good long while.  I'm quite thankful for that.
  • I think tomorrow (Saturday) would be a good day to get some more sewing in.  I'll have to consider if I want to progress more on the class quilt or set it aside and work on something else.  And that reminds me, I promised to post some photos from the quilt show...oops, maybe that's what I'll do tomorrow.
  • And how long would be considered sufficient patience for a 'win' to arrive....waiting, waiting, waiting.  Is nearly three months a normal time? 

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  1. Re the 'win' I've waited as long as 5 months for one to arrive. It's always good to send a gentle inquiry to the person responsible for the giveaway, asking when it might be expected, in the event it was supposed to be shipped by the sponsor and hadn't been. Good luck.


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