Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Spring has arrived, and I know so much of the country is wondering 'where?' and 'when' as they are still getting snow or rain, but here, it's been nice and warm for the last several days.  Today was cooler, but still in the low 70s, and was overcast in the morning with the sun peeking out later in the day.

We've had flowers blooming for quite awhile, all of my daffodils have bloomed and faded, and now the freesia is beginning to bloom.  There may be more out there, but I haven't looked closely.

From my kitchen window I've noticed a new set of lovebirds (actually finches) are building a nest under the patio awning, and the hummingbird, or one of her offspring from the last three years, is rebuilding the nest.  I find it fascinating that it/they keep using the previous year's nest as the base for the new one.  Last year's was pretty much torn apart by inclement weather over the winter, but enough was still there to be added onto.

Spring is probably my most favorite season of all.  Fresh and green with beautiful flowers, lawns that begin to need mowing, and chattering birds galore.  These trees, I believe they are ornamental pear, I find exceptionally pretty as the young green leaves first start appearing while the clusters of white flowers are still on the tree.  Our neighbor also has one of which the branches hang over our fence, but these were taken in a parking lot where I was headed for an MRI on my neck and upper back yesterday.

ornamental pear (I think)

I'm not sure if this one is the same, it doesn't have much for leaves yet if it is.

These are some miniature daffodils, photo taken spring 2010 - I didn't get any photos of them this year.  I also had a yellow, and some purple hyacinths in bloom, but they were barely more than a handful of flowers on the stem, so no pics there either.  Now I'm waiting for the tulips, and I'd really enjoy if my irises would bloom as I see a neighbor's are, but mine don't seem to do well - I keep trying.    

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