Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday huh?

Well, I don't have anything for Design Wall Monday - at least not anything I'm really working on, but I did dig this out of a chest a few days ago so that I could take pictures of it, so maybe I'll link it up anyway.  This quilt top was passed to me from my mom.  Back when I was in the 2nd grade (1961-62) and again in the 4th grade (1963-64) we lived in the house shown in my header, while having lived in yet another house in the year in between just a 1/2 mile or less away!  Sometime while in that twice-lived-in-house, my dad brought home some boxes of 'stuff' which, if I have the story correct, came from salvage of a houseboat that burned - but I could be wrong.  The quilt top was in that stuff.  

The Bethlehem Star blocks are all hand-pieced, and not by a perfectionist as some of those centers are pretty funny looking close up, but from a distance, they look ok.  The blue sashing and yellow cornerstone blocks were added by machine.  The star blocks all appear to be fabrics from somewhere ca 1930s -1950s - I'm no expert there.  All of the fabrics seem pretty thinly woven.  Each block is 24" square finished and not including the sashing, with 3 1/2 blocks x 3 blocks.  The sashing is 3 1/2".
I've no idea how, nor have I any current plan, to finish it, but maybe someday...

This is one side.
This is the other (it's hanging over the stair railing). Note how the solid yellow was pieced to fit in/square up, that one block.

Clearly not precision sewing.

Notice the one tip that's the same lavender as the center!

One end is only 1/2 stars, were more planned?
Flame is adding her opinion "it's fun to play on Mom".

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  1. Oh Lee, this is fun! Love the plaids, especially! :)


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