Friday, July 20, 2012

Fina-Lee Friday

It's been a quiet week for the most've probably guessed that already, due to the absence of posts from me.
  • Turning the news on this morning, I was greeted with the horrible event in Aurora, CO. It's hard for me to grasp what goes on in someone's mind that they'd do this sort of thing.  My heart goes out to that community and those impacted by the actions of this person.
  • Nick's had a couple times of getting together with one of his buddies this week.  At 5 this evening, he'll be going over to spend the night, then tomorrow the dad will be taking both boys to a place where they can 'battle' it out with their Airsoft guns in a safe environment.  I'm not keen on this but I guess it's a guy-thing.  
  • Hmmm, given the event in Aurora...well, I do wonder if it's wise.
  • The finch babies are growing fast, their heads pop up frequently now ~ appears to be just three.
  • A rat got hung up by it's hind foot on a joint of the plastic compost bin.  I kept wondering why it didn't run away as I got closer.  OK, I had a soft moment, even for a RAT, observing that it's foot was a bit chewed up and being attacked by ants, eww, so I grabbed a stick and lifted it up out of the crack it was caught in and it scampered away without so much as a 'thank you Ma'am'. 
  • On Wednesday, a friend and fellow quilter came out and visited. She needed to copy a file of quilt pics I'd taken at a quilt show we went to in March and then we went to a fabric store and we made some purchases and then we went to lunch and then stopped at a tea restaurant where we picked up some scones and other 'dessert' items.  I didn't even know that restaurant was there, but think I might like to go there for lunch sometime.  

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  1. Lee, you have a kind heart like me. I saw a mama coon and her baby near our house( actually they were on the roof of one of our sheds). I shooed them away. How did she repay me? She came back and killed my pet hen.:( (Big sigh) Yep I would have helped the rat escape too. The news from Colorado just breaks my heart. I can never understand why anyone would pick up a gun and just start shooting people at random. It is sad, sad.


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