Monday, December 2, 2013

The Best Laid Plans

How is it Monday's get to be so ... messy?  After recognizing my errant stitching seam widths on Celtic Solstice yesterday, and tearing out every stitch, yeah, every stitch, I had great plans of getting it all back to where it should be today.  That didn't happen as planned.  

Being Monday, I had to take care of some paperwork, pay some bills, update Quicken.  Also a bit of housework needed to be done, the usual emptying of the dishwasher and reloading with those dishes I let go last night, ahem, yes that happens around here.  The cat litter needed to be scooped too.  Sure would be nice to get some other residents in this house to do that chore!  Other things also had to be done.

Then when I did sit down to work on it, after noon as I sat with my lunch sandwich, and no more than five minutes later the phone rings, and a friend asked to stop in for a few minutes.  She did only stay for a few minutes, all the while as I finished my sandwich.  I get back to the Sanctuary and to work on the quilt units, only a few more minutes pass, and my mom calls, and there goes another huge block of time as she boggles my mind with all that's on her mind, which btw is a bit boggled with decisions for the future - my parents are both 80 so some plans need to be made. Our phone isn't such that I can rest it on my shoulder and work with my hands so I got nothing done while talking with her.  Thankfully, Marty came up and said he was expecting a call for a phone interview - yay, I pray he gets it - so I was able to get off the phone.  That left me with all of about 20 minutes during which I finally got the last of the snipped threads picked off just in time to go pick Nick up from school.  

I was so tired by the time I got home I went in and took a nap.  The nap was about a half-hour and the kitties came and helped keep me warm.  I was still groggy when I got up but needed to get to work on those units.  You can read all about them, and see pics at Webs of Threads.  

Well, tonight, I've finished only a handful, and have one 'flap' added to the center triangle on about 1/3 of the units.

I'm watching/listening to The Voice, still don't have a hand's down favorite - down to the final six contestants and they're all good.

The next few days all have commitments too so at this point, I can only hope to fit in time to work on the units and get them done.

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