Monday, December 16, 2013

My Mundane Monday

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Lately, I've taken to keeping a couple small spiral notebooks at hand constantly.  

One notebook, just started a couple days ago, is for those things that come to mind that I need to do or want to do, but it also is for taking notes in general.  I only added this notebook because it seems I'm always jotting things down on sticky notes that hang out here, or there, and over there too, and oops, there's one there, and then I gather them all up and end up pitching most of them without doing what should have been done.  When I have nothing to write on, I'll think of things, attempt a mental note, and promptly forget until I remember later that there was something I was supposed to remember, and not remember what it was. And not remembering what I forgot bothers me.  Should I be concerned?  

General notes in that notebook, for example, are things such as the rough content of phone calls, specifically those from my mother.  I have about a dozen items in it and have taken care of only three of the items, getting to them only today.

The other notebook, I've done off and on for years.  I'm not sure why, but it helps me see how often I do some things, or not, which is more likely the case.  I seem never to have anything on a set schedule, well, except getting Nick to and from school.  I'll note the date, sometimes the high and low daily temperatures, maybe my weight, occasionally my blood pressure.  Then I'll list the key chores I've managed to do for that day, you know, those things like sweeping floors or stopping at Walmart, or scooping the cat litter pan.  I'll even make note of what I fixed for dinner, or where we got take-out from.  I suppose it's a diary of sorts of my mundane life.  Knowing the date I fixed something for dinner comes in real handy when trying to identify the science experiment in the fridge that Marty insists is still edible.  I'm not consistent, I sometimes go for days without making notes.  And I don't note everything I do.

Today's entries in the latter notebook included "school trips" where I take Nick to school and then go get him, "Trader Joe's" - I needed to pick up milk, bread and orange juice - glad I picked up those hamburger buns because that's what was entered for "dinner: hamburgers".  Oh, and also "laundry: gather, sort, run four loads" (only I use tally marks for each load) of which one is still in the dryer, one in the washer and one in the basket to be folded, update "Quicken", and run a voided check by our financial man.  I've done a number of other things today too but haven't jotted them down.  I still need to tend to a sink of dishes and scoop the litter box. If I were really OCD about this, I'd be much more detailed with the time spent on each task and the time I did it.  Hah, never!  That might train me to be disciplined!

It seems Marty and I were at odds with each other again today, sigh.  Mars? Venus? Maybe Pluto!, he's related to the discoverer by marriage!  We have our issues off and on like all couples, but some days it seems nothing I say comes out right and he takes offense.  And then I take offense because now I can't say anything being afraid it'll come out wrong.  It was nice most of the day though because while I was doing my chores he was off at the local college or whatever finding out about some re-training options.  That's another whole long story.

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