Friday, December 20, 2013

Returning to Calm

Well, it's Friday, and after Wednesday, I had 'the dreads' of going to my friend's to check on her kitty again.  'The dreads' might be an overstatement, but I have to say, it's still just a little unnerving each time I open the front door and hear the alarm chimes that would require deactivating within 23 seconds.  

Her kitty is doing great, and he really enjoys when I show up.  He's the kind of kitty that will look up at you with those big round eyes - reminds me of the cat character in Shrek - and purrs and rubs against your legs.  If I didn't think it would be traumatic, I'd bring him to my house, but with Flame and Raven here, that just might be too much for kitty.  It's almost time to head over and check on him again today and to gather her mail.  I'm glad it's so close.  

We (Nick and I) stopped in earlier today but it was only long enough to put the food on kitty's plate, give him a quick snuggle and pet, and leave...I had groceries from Costco in the car that needed to get to a refrigerator, after having picked Nick up from school in between.  It was his last day at the private school, semester finals are over, and he's now registered at the local high school to start on 1/17/2014...a nice long Christmas break.

Speaking of Costco, I should know better than to go on a Friday before the last weekend prior to a major holiday.  Everyone in the county is there getting their holiday party stuff!  Even though I was there before they opened, it was a mad-house - crazy people, rude people, inconsiderate people, and everyone in a hurry - including me!  Hurry or no, can't people still be considerate by moving their carts out of the way?  And what's so hard about 'driving' your cart toward the right so that opposing cart traffic can get by - you know, drive your cart like you do your car on a two-lane, two-way highway.  And the aisles are wide enough - pass through the middle.  There certainly didn't appear to be much Christmas good cheer going on there.  It was additionally crammed by a slew of point-of-purchase sampler vendors pushing their products, ugh!  I was also disappointed by not finding a few items that they usually carry, along with the delicious sweet pickled beets I'd found the last time I was at Costco.  I still have one jar of them, but I was prepared to stock up on a couple more, and they came as a two-jar sale.

Last night, we went to our church's annual Christmas Concert.  It's held from Thursday through Sunday, and will be live-streamed on Sunday.  I'd have been happy to wait until Sunday and listen with my good headphones - I don't like massive crowds, and our concert is VERY crowded.  We arrived 45 minutes early and had to park out in Timbuktu and the closest we were able to find seating was already quite close to the back in one of the side sections.  I've always enjoyed our concerts, and I certainly enjoy Christmas music that is biblically sound.  But, yeah here's the but, I've been going to the concerts since 1987, and back when I was single, I'd go to every single night's event. I'm a bit burned out I suppose. We have excellent singers and musicians, and a large choir, and the tickets are free, so, I can just as easily stay in the comforts of my home, save gas and the risk of auto accident, leave space for someone else, and not feel like I could be using my time better during the time I'm just sitting waiting for the concert to start.  I know, it's a little bit of Bah Humbug.  Marty wanted to go, so we went, and it was good despite my inner objections to going.  Next year, the headphones!

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