Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mid-week Update

Oh yeah, I'm falling behind out here in blogland, my sincere apologies.

Sometimes I wonder if I have what some refer to as adult ADD, but I'm not one to stick labels like that on what (at least on MY part) is really nothing more than undisciplined behaviour.  I bounce from one thing to the next rather than pushing myself to stay focused on any given task at hand...including washing dishes!

As you may have noticed, I finally figured out how to change the image in my header - yeah, took me awhile, a long while in fact, as I didn't find Blogger very intuitively friendly at finding answers, but maybe I'm just dense along those lines.  Here's a couple more photos from that era, ca. 1965 I believe.

Oh, that would be me as a 12 or 13-yr old, with our cat, Tommy. 

This was our house.  It's where I call "home" as most of my teenage years were spent there.  The house has since burned down and a really ugly, old, green mobile home sits there.  The house was built on a slope and there was a daylight basement at the back.  That front section was added on just before this snow storm, not completely finished.  The back part of the house was built largely from salvaged lumber from an old house that was about 1/8th of mile down the road.  We had lived in it when I was pre-school age.

Nick is taking part in his first piano recital on Friday, so that has mixed things up a bit.  Instead of having his regular lesson on Thursday after school, it was switched to Tuesday after school.

This is the piano at which he practices.  We learned it was made in the 1940s.  It doesn't look like this right now as there are no Christmas decs up yet, and to this extent they won't be going up this year either.  He has a real bench now too rather than this old coffee table loaded up with pillows.
And because we're transferring him to a public school, we picked him up early on Monday so we could turn in the paperwork and choose his classes, only to find out that we would have to have a counselor appointment to do the latter, which will have to occur before the Christmas break, during school hours...and he has finals next week, but they're only in the morning so we should be able to set an appointment for an we're just waiting for them to call to schedule the instructed!  I don't like waiting. I always feel like I've been forgotten, especially if it takes days to get answers.

The above photo is of a prior Christmas several years ago.  This year we will only be putting up the 4' artificial tree...that is if I can get anyone to retrieve it from the storage loft...I'm not about to climb that ladder again, at least not without having someone there to steady it.  I also need to do some cleaning in the living room.  There's a 6' folding table in front of the fire place that has become a dumping ground for who-knows-what.  We won't talk about the dust level.  We obviously don't use that room much.  Nick goes to his room where his computer is and it's warm, Marty goes to his computers which are through a doorway on the right where you can just see the edge of bookshelf, and I'm either in the kitchen/dining room doing what gets done there, or I'm in my Sanctuary working on quilt stuff or watching TV.

Marty has yet to hear back from his face-to-face interview of last Friday.  He hasn't had any other contacts since then either.  It's very discouraging and frustrating.  

I'm trying to convince Marty to take Nick and go visit his 86 year old father. He lives a good 8 - 10 hour drive away.  After hearing of two deaths and one stroke in just the last few days, I think it would be a really good idea for them to go.  He suggested I go too, but I've happily committed to caring for my friend Panda's kitty during that time while she's gone, and Marty's dad lives in a small retirement apartment, so it will likely be a tight fit even with just Marty and Nick.  Additionally, FIL has a lady friend/companion who may be there.  There's probably a motel if need be, but I'm thinking of them sleeping on his dad's floor to save a little money yet still get the most out of visiting.  See how I like to plan their trip?  Just thinking ahead of all the possibilities.

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