Tuesday, October 9, 2012

...the Behinder I Get!

You all know the saying that comes from, something like the hurrier I go, the behinder I get.  Well, I'm not hurrying much, but I'm not catching up much either.

Hard to believe he's now 14! and 5'8" or more.
Yesterday was Nick's 14th birthday.  Daddy 'caved' and ordered his, achhh, expensive computer set-up.  I won't say how expensive but I'd like a sewing cabinet that costs about that much!  Dinner plans included his two best friends, Tino and Jay and we all went to his restaurant of choice (our birthday tradition) Olive Garden - yum.  I was 'bad' and didn't get out to get him a card, but I did sing Happy Birthday to him.  Did you know that O.G. no longer offers a complimentary birthday dessert?  And they'll only sing H.B. IF you BUY a dessert!  Nick was too full for dessert and most of their desserts now cost what a meal did a decade or so ago, so we skipped dessert entirely....not even a cake at home!  Very low key.

Tomorrow I become a teacher.  A younger friend asked if I'd teach her to quilt, so I said I would.  I'm looking forward to it.  I don't know if she has any sewing experience at all.  She told me her sewing machine is still in it's box.

I've not used my crutches since Friday.  I'm slow, but moving.  Remember, it was the tortoise not the hare that won the race.  Each day is better, and I thank God for the healing He is giving me.

I worked on the little quilt that I've had oh-so-way-too-long that is a many-hands community service quilt for my guild.  All I've had to do was prepare the back, sandwich, quilt, & bind.  It's been pinned for eons, really for eons, and I'd done some stitching in the ditch around each block, and originally planned to do something more free motion within each block (crib quilt), but at this point, just want to get it back to the guild and the meeting is Thursday night.  With that in mind, I just did some additional straight-line, diagonal quilting and tomorrow morning will hopefully knock out that binding so that I can stitch it tomorrow night or Thurs. morning and call it DONE.


  1. Our kids grow up so fast. My only son is now 28 and it seems like yesterday he was 14 and the day before that he was the age of your little boy in the picture!

    Glad to hear you are continually getting better.

    Good luck with your new student...the teacher always learns more than the student, you know! Have fun! :)


  2. Awww, happy birthday (albeit a little late) to Nick!! How sad that you have to buy a dessert in order for a rousing rendition of happy birthday. That's really kinda mean-spirited and greedy.

    Great job on leaving those crutches behind -- easy does it!! Hugs and more hugs!! :)


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