Friday, October 5, 2012

Fina-Lee Friday

  • Now that I'm driving again, I also need to stop and get gas in the tank when it gets low.  Last week when I began to drive, gas was at $4.05 at 'my' station.  Today it is $4.65 (and likely higher by this afternoon), which is 22 cents higher than yesterday!  According to news sources the excuses reasons: 1)low supply because of switching from summer fuel mixture to winter fuel mixture; 2) a refinery fire the first part of August; 3) a power outage:  4) a pipeline shut down after finding elevated levels of organic chloride; 5) maintenance work at another refinery.  Interesting how this all happens at the same time, hmmm?  Maybe the state finally found a way to increase funds in the over-run coffers as the state sales tax runs around 8% depending on the county/city you live in...that's a lot of extra $$$ out of drivers' pockets.  That #1 listed item - after all the years they've been switching between summer and winter fuels, you'd think they'd be smart enough to build up the supply, which really, why is the supply the problem - every time they switch, the raise the price! without any 'shortages' at the pump!
  • As compensation for the gas woes/trials, God gave us an absolutely glorious sunrise - not very common in this area:  
Nick took the sunrise pics as it would've been gone by the time I got dressed and hobbled downstairs and outside to try to do it myself - he did a great job!

  •  Flame is our orange and white kitty.  Why does she have ONE black eyebrow hair?  Just wondering.  And she's becoming a real rascal, finding out she can jump up onto dressers, and bookshelves, and even to the counter in the kitchen from the bookshelves for my cookbooks which sit directly under the breakfast - where by the way NO one ever eats breakfast bar - I'll be glad when it's gone!  As I type, she has worked her way into the paper bag I keep by my desk to toss recyclable/scrap paper in.  And now Raven has come up and wants to know what she's doing.  Do you think this eye looks a little shifty?
I think Raven likes that little bit of a sun spot as well :)

  •  I refrained from getting out of my car, as if it would be that easy still using the crutches, to slap a young girl (mid-teens?) that saw me driving towards her direction - not at all far away, and proceeded to go ahead and walk right out in front of me jay walking diagonally across the street and then stare at me as if to dare me to hit her as I'm hitting my brakes!  Seriously, I wanted to slap her upside the know, like Gibbs in NCIS does to Tony, only more forcefully!
Well, that's my Friday so far.  If anything more exciting comes along this afternoon or evening, maybe I'll add an update.   Have a Fantastic Friday!

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  1. What a GORGEOUS sky!! I love the colors our Creator uses to paint His nighttime sky!!! I was so sad the other day when I went into the LQS that used to do the cat candies and learn she didn't do them anymore! :( I'll have to find one she'd done earlier so I can make some for your brood! :)


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