Saturday, October 13, 2012

Time Escapes Me

When all routines, minimal as they were, have been scattered to the winds (see how I got that fall effect thrown in there), it seems gathering them back together requires more than a rake.  I got really comfy just sitting around waiting for others to do what I normally did, because I couldn't do them, well, at least not without a great deal of effort mixed with equal parts pain and creativity.  Help has come to a screeching halt as the foot gets better. I now have only a minimal limp, and the shoe is on, as well as a sock, though not yet laced up.  My next doc appointment isn't until the 25th - think the doc will be happy with my progress?  I think he'll be quite surprised, as I am very surprised at the progress in just this past week - I truly was expecting weeks and maybe months to get this far - maybe I'm not really as old as I thought.  My pre-injury chores and activities are all back on me except Nick is responsibly still getting his own lunch prepared and getting his own breakfast.

Remember this little quilt?   I can't tell you how long I've had it here, but it's been way too long.  Is this a deja-vu moment or did I post about it recently? Anyway, our guild meeting was Thursday night, so I was determined to get it out of my house!  It was a community service project pieced by someone else and I did the layering, quilting & binding with the provided fabric.  All along I kept thinking to myself that I just didn't like the backing/binding fabric and after I got the binding on and started hand-stitching it down on the backside I knew why.  I snipped a small piece and burned it, yep, polyester content! Ugh.  Running that needle through by hand was a pure pain, and I tried several different needles. But it is DONE, and I took returned it to guild.  I think it'll be awhile before I bring another community service project home. It had been laying around here for so long, with all the dust from the bathroom remodels, the cats getting on it, and something from who knows where getting spilled on one corner, it had to be washed & dried first. Can I count this a FINISH? even though not something on my UFO list.

The first lesson with my friend was more of a time of chatting and catching up as her hubby was home too and learning where she is as far as her sewing skills/knowledge and what she was considering for a quilt.  She'd like to begin with a crib-size, and had a black and white picture of a scrappy, very simple little number without any directions from a pamphlet from 1979.  She also had a couple others picked out in more recent magazines and only slightly more complicated.  She also likes the looks of the rag quilts.  The only sewing she has done is a very small wall-hanging from a pre-printed patchwork design where she used a running stitch to highlight the 'squares' and to attach some Sunbonnet Sue pieces, with layers & binding.  She's had no experience even with clothing, so it'll be all new, but she's eager to learn, and is a quick study I think.  Next week, we will meet and look at some fabric.  She has only a cutting mat, a rotary cutter, some pins, seam ripper & a sewing machine....still in the box. 

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  1. *Definitely* count it as a finish. Nice of you to help a newbie out -- we have to encourage interest in the quilting arena!! :)


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