Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Of Mice and ... Cats

Thankfully we don't have least not in the house that we know of.  We do have rats at the compost bin.  The neighbors have ivy on their side of the block wall - rats love ivy.  Never saw a rat until the neighbors, actually the prior owners, planted the ivy - it gives rats perfect protection for their runways.  I do not like ivy, no I do not!  I digress.

Here's the real story today.  You all have heard read my posts mentioning that Raven plays fetch.  These days, all I have to say is "Raven, go get Mousie, where's your Mousie?" and her little ears perk up and her eyes glaze over and it isn't long and there's a Mousie at my feet and she's saying her little purrrrppps sounds and reaching up and clawing at my chair for my attention.

So today, for your viewing pleasure, is a picture of two of her Mousies. A third Mousie is lime green.  Do you think maybe the pink one has been well-loved?  At times, we couldn't find the Mousies.  Until....I hobbled to the living room on my crutches and using one of the crutches while sitting on an ottoman, swept that crutch under the sofa.  Lo and behold, all three Mousies as well as half a dozen other pretend-Mousies, you know, those various colored pompoms - she plays fetch with those too!   


  1. Some how those pretend-Mousies showed up at our house too. Please tell them to stay put at your house, please. ;)


  2. I'll take pretend-Mousies over real ones ANY day! It's something you just have to deal with when you live in an RV in the middle of the woods. Hahaha! At least they stick to the basement -- they can't get into the RV itself. Whew! One of our LQSs puts a 'cat candy' into each bag that goes out of the shop. Just a small square of fabric tied up in a little knot. All of the cats I've introduced these to love them! Raven is a darling -- she looks like she'd enjoy a cat candy! :)


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