Monday, October 22, 2012

Road Kill

I know, not a great topic, but it seems lately I've been seeing a lot of this on my way to taking Nick to school.  Awhile back a couple coyotes on as many different days; more recently racoons and possums.  Yep, we have all of the above in our populated suburbs and they get hit.  Thankfully I haven't seen any carrion of the domestic variety!

Today though, as I went out the front door, locking it and then turning around I saw a squirrel with his prize nut or acorn in his mouth coming across the street.  Seeing me he stopped where he was and stayed as I moved toward my car in the driveway.  Then I heard a car coming down the street and looked just as it came past and that squirrel, well, why did that poor dumb squirrel decide to run right towards that car when it was only a few feet from the safety of the parkway and a tree? It's little body is now growing cold in the middle of the street and we have one less squirrel to watch play in our tree and, having seen and heard it's demise, it just ruined my whole afternoon!.  Why little squirrel, why? did you run TOWARD the car?  And doesn't it seem like they always do that?  Surely someone has funded a study on that?  Why do squirrels wait, and wait, and then dart right in front of cars as if playing chicken?  I have wondered this pretty much my whole driving life!


  1. My husband has a name for it: PSD - Poor Squirrel Decision

    Judy :)

  2. Todd and I were out and about on Tuesday and watched a group of four does dart out into oncoming traffic. Luckily (for both the does and the cars in question) the driver's reflexes were quick and he was approaching a stop sign, so he was slowing anyway. The deer were juking all over the place -- it was crazy. It was at a T intersection, so one crossed and the other three ran back the other direction and nearly caused a wreck on the other side! I just cringe and close my eyes. I hate driving around here after dusk!!! :)


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