Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday

These have been my 'best friend' for the last near-six weeks!  I'm tired of them and would like to see them gone - permanently, but I'll need them still for just awhile longer.  I'm thankful I had have them.  They are and have been very handy, even for things they weren't intended for, things like the following:
  • reaching to turn on the wall light
  • pulling 'mousie' closer when Raven drops it too far away while playing fetch
  • adjusting the shower head in the shower
  • acting as a propeller of sorts when I use my pseudo-wheelchair
  • grabbing the handle of the door of the garage leading to the laundry area to pull it closed
  • lifting the bath towel off the hook in the bathroom when I forgot to get it close enough to the shower
There have probably been other things over the last six weeks where using the crutches have aided me in other than mobilization, but they aren't coming to mind at the moment.  Have you had other uses for crutches if you've ever used them?  I saw a post come through on facebook once where someone used them as the end posts in their garden when running the strings for their peas.

Tuesday night I took my first test drive using my injured foot, and then yesterday afternoon I drove with Marty riding shot-gun "just in case" while we went to get Nick from school.  It went well, so I have now officially taken over Nick's transportation duties - which means: I get to get out of the house every day! I am so very thankful for that.  I never thought I'd get tired of being 'at home' until I realized I had to totally depend on others to take me somewhere - and that happened only one day per week.

Also, this morning was my follow-up appointment to find out how well the foot is healing.  Doc said "it's healing well" :)  Well enough that, while he said to still use the crutches I could start doing what he called 'toe taps' - not to be confused with tap dancing - where I could start by putting my toes down first with a little weight on them.  He said probably not full weight yet for at least the next week to 10 days, the toe taps are a progression.  And as it further heals and becomes more comfortable then go from there.  It doesn't hurt to put weight on my heal either, so today I am especially thankful that I am no longer housebound, and that I'm making good progress.

So I thank any and all who have prayed for me, please continue to do so, and give God the glory for designing our bodies with the healing mechanisms they have - fearfully and wonderfully made !!!  I am also thankful for friends that listened to my rants and complaints, some of which were about my husband - oh dear - but I am truly thankful I have him and that he has helped to the best of his abilities.  I'm thankful too, that he will soon be out of my kitchen - we are very different in our cooking & cleaning styles ;p  I'm sure he will likewise be happy and thankful to leave the kitchen behind, lol.

Oh, and you know what?  If I can use my foot on my car's accelerator...that means I should be able to use my foot on my sewing machine peddle, how cool is that?  Now I just have to manage to get that table cleared off and get a project down there to be worked on!  Where there's a will, there's a way right?  (Lesson learned with crutches multiple uses, lol)

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  1. YAY!!! So happy to hear a good report!!! I had lots of uses for my crutches, too. Don't ask. LOL!!! :)


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