Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Good News, Bad? News

I'm back from my doctor appointment today.  The results of today's cast removal and x-rays are mixed:

the bad: the two broken bones have only healed minimally;
the good news: I can go to the boot, with strict limitations;
more bad news: MUST continue to use the crutches for three more weeks - NO weight on the foot (except just long enough on the heal to get into the shower to sit on the shower stool);
more good news: I can take the boot off whenever I'm not in a weight-bearing position - like extended sitting times, and SLEEPING Emoji YAY!!!!!  and it's okay to flex my toes and bend my foot at the ankle :)
other good news? well for me but maybe not for them?:  My guys get to do three more weeks of housekeeping, chores, cooking, etc.  Maybe I'll have Marty rent a wheel chair after all.  That way, he can take me with him to do grocery shopping (he struggles in that area), etc. and maybe I can sit in the kitchen and give him and Nick cooking lessons.  I'm considering contacting my friend's weekly housekeepers to come and do some of the things.  After two weeks, things are looking very 'bachelor-ish', and I know my own housekeeping wasn't top-notch, hehe, so I can't complain too much.

Ladies from our church fellowship group have ministered to us a few times by bringing supper meals to a friend up the street who then brings them to us - hard for me to get to the door, and I'm a bit embarrassed by how the house looks. 

Marty and I had a brief discussion about this being ministered to.  I'm no longer in pain, I just can't physically stand up to do things, so if I can get the guys better on board, we can probably work out our own meals, so I told my friend that, if at all,  maybe no more than a couple meals a week, on days that work better for her as she has very busy Tuesdays and Thursdays, but that if meals end, that's fine, we WILL manage somehow, we're not in a dire position.  I still think of a young woman in the class with a toddler and one month old and wonder if she needed help with meals and didn't get it, :( - makes me sad to think. 

Sometimes I think our independent spirits keep us (generically & specifically) from allowing others to help, and from accepting help from others because we don't want to see ourselves as needy, and as I heard in a message from some level at church many years ago, that attitude robs others of the crowns they may have earned by being able to minister as well as keeping others from developing a servant's heart.  Maybe that's part of the whole message here, Marty & I, Nick too, need to learn/re-learn to have a servant's heart.  We've become extremely independent and self-sufficient of others and haven't done much in the way of serving others ourselves in recent years.  Marty has helped with some moves and has taken Nick on one, and I helped get a young woman to her chemo appointments several years ago, but aside from that we've not been very involved.  Something to consider, yes.

He who has been blessed with much, should bless others.  I know there's a Scripture to that tune, but I don't recall it off hand, and don't have my Bible near me at the moment.

Praising Him for the good, and the bad, and the difficult, and trying hard to be patient with this healing process.


  1. Glad you got good news ... it way overshadows the bad! I remember being SO excited when they told me I could finally take the boot off to sleep! *YAY* Only then Todd was paranoid he'd kick an unprotected foot! LOL! Enjoy that newfound (albeit only at times) freedom! I think you're right about the difficulty in accepting help from others. It's hard to admit you're not able and to let someone else. Hugs and more hugs!! :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your vulnerable moments and thoughts. We have all been there. Hope you are soon feeling much better.



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