Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Update

Well, when I posted my September UFO Challenge quilt info my brain must have been thoroughly scrambled.  Oh, I posted pictures of the right quilt and the blocks, but as I later went back to the project container, I realized it only has six (6) blocks total, not nine (9) as I had stated.  So that should be good news - less to do than originally thought?  I just couldn't figure out why I only had pictures of five (5) blocks! 

Yesterday, I worked some more on that fifth block, about 3/4 of an hours worth of time.  The 'hardest' block is the sixth.  Not so much because it is difficult, it's an applique block, but because I've struggled with finding just the right Rooster image to use.  I even went so far as to trace a rooster off my parent's garage mat! when I was up north in June. 

I also errantly linked that post up to the August UFO finishes at Patchwork Times.  I think I've done that a couple of times.  Maybe it counts because, even while it isn't finished, I DID work on it that last day of August, hehe.

I am VERY tired of cast and crutches.  Pray that the cast comes off on Tuesday, and I can go to the boot, and that, should I need an MRI (which has not been done), that there is nothing like major ligament damage.  I suppose that's my fear.  My "Eeyore" husband, thinks it's going to be a very long time before I'm without pain and able to fully use my foot again. I saw this phrase recently and had to print it on my label maker and stuck it to the edge of a shelf where I can see it every day, every hour, I'm at my computer - and that's a lot these days! - anyway, here's the phrase:  "You can't live a positive life with a negative mind."  Now, I'm not into the 'positive thinking' philosophy, but I do think this holds true, and I know, I struggle enough with negative thinking, but Mr. Marty tops me by miles!  Pray for HIM!  If that phrase was from someone whose blog I read and who also reads mine, thank you!

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  1. Okay ... don't fuss at me here, but there's a good balance between the cup half empty and the cup half full ... it's called being a realist! LOL! I do think you need to be prepared for a healing process that's longer than you might have originally planned. For every month you're in a cast or boot, it will take three months for the muscles and joints to regain the majority of their strength. And I just tell you this because I *so* thought that after my initial injury, after I was done with the cast and boot for good, that I'd be able to walk and be back to normal and was really crushed when, a month later, I was still far from it. After the surgery it really took a FULL ten months before I could say it had been a success ... at six months out I was ready to have the darn thing amputated! LOL! Anyway, I'm not trying to be a damper...I just want you to be prepared so that your spirit isn't forlorn if your healing doesn't come as quickly as you'd like. I learned a lot about God and His perfect timing over the last 2+ years dealing with the aftermath of the accident!! I know how irritating all this is ... but I also know that God's working something through it all!!! Hugs, sweet friend!! :)


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