Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh Dear!

Has it really been nearly two weeks since I posted? Yikes! I wouldn't have thought that.  I suppose that's a reflection of what's been happening, or rather, not happening around here.

I'm on 'countdown' to prayerfully be able to put weight on my foot and thereby hopefully to be a little more productive.  My doctor appointment is next Tuesday the 25th.  If I'm given the go-ahead to be able to put even minimal weight on my foot, I will drive!  I haven't been able to drive since Aug. 17th...I miss my car.  I miss being able to take Nick to school and to go pick him up.  And I am so thankful to my friend who has been getting him there and back home as well as a couple others who were able and willing to fill in when she wasn't able to.  Two of those people I have only talked with on the phone and never met in person - that will change as I plan to thank them personally!

Lay out prior to stitching.
I have no updates or changes on my stashbusting.  Nor have I made great strides on the September project.  I've worked on it just a little over two hours, and the plate circle is complete.  It now needs to be added to the background/foundation portion of the block, and then have the center appliqued on.

Yesterday was my one day of the week where I'm able to get out of the house as Nick's friend's mom picks me up before getting the boys from school so that we can get Nick to the bowling alley for his league games. She drops us off and then goes her own way. Nick struggled on the first game getting 'only' a 157.  His second game was better in the 180s. and his third game was great - a 205!  Woohoo :)  Marty then picks us up after he gets home from work.  Last week we ate dinner at the alley's cafe, a nice cobb salad for me, a meatloaf dinner for Marty and a burger for Nick.  This week we just came home and had a spaghetti & meatballs dinner. 

Is this is nice pose, Mom?
Sleeping baby under a stool that's under my desk which I prop my foot upon.
Raven has been my best buddy while I've been secluded and housebound.  She keeps me entertained by her desire to play fetch. And when she's tired, she sleeps pretty much at my feet.  I've taken to referring to her as my puppy-cat. 

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  1. I love your sweet little baby cat! Such a sweet face ... and my little cat Merlin? We used to call him our "puppy-cat", too!! :)


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