Saturday, May 10, 2014

Resurrection...of Sorts

A few days ago I wrote about, and posted some old photos of, my poor dead Gypsy Moth rose.  I really was quite sad that this rose bush had met its demise in my absence.  A number of days prior to my earlier post, I'd gone to the rose and cut the dead stems to verify that it was indeed dead...and by all appearances, it was.  Those stems were dry and brittle and there was no sign of life anywhere in that pot!

Much to my surprise today, I looked out the patio sliding door and saw something green in that pot.  Thinking it to be a weed, I went to the pot and glory, Hallelujah, there is definitely something green in that pot, and it wasn't  a weed.  You do see in this photo what I see, right?   I'm not imagining this?  Gypsy Moth lives
Yes indeed, even without any added water, it appears that the crown/base of this bush still lives and new leaves have sprung up.  Those two thick brown stems are dry and dead, at least at the point where I cut them back to, but from that stubby part of the bush, beautiful green leaves tinged in red are growing

I gave it some water right after I snapped this photo, and we shall see if it can remain alive.  I am amazed, and thankful!

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