Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wondering About Something

Judy, over at Patchwork Times has a post today about friends inviting them to dinner, at their own house, and that got me to thinking.  

It brings up an interesting point to question.  And I ask it primarily from my own perspective based on my own experiences over the years.  I remember when I was young, that people would go out for a drive and just pop in to visit friends or relatives.  And then when I was out on my own, I used to do the same with my friends.  Granted, back then, while we did have telephones, we might call to see if folks would be home, but not always.  Folks didn't have to wait for an engraved RSVP'd invitation to come for a visit.  Life seemed more hospitable.

Here's my question: Whatever happened in society, that we no longer have drop-in guests?  Has society changed or have I?  Is my view of the past skewed?  I was thinking it was just that my hubs & I have become somewhat reclusive, but when I look around, it seems more the norm now, that people don't drop in without that specific invitation.  Is that true do you think, or is it just in my little world?  Have things like social media and cell phones made it such that dropping in for a visit is no longer 'normal'?  I'm sure it has had at least some affect on it.  Or, maybe it's just in this suburban environment in which I live, or my own nature as I've grown older.

What do you think?  What is it like in your area, amongst your family and friends?


  1. When we were young we always had pop in visitors as well and on occasion we did the popping. I don't see that in our new neighborhood (13 years here...guess that's not new anymore). I rarely go out now so one of the rare times I was out I stopped at one of my neighbors (a very close friend) and she didn't answer the door and she was there.....weird, weird, weird. That was the end of my popping in.

  2. It is true that this is so these days! I believe it is because people's lives are so very busy (I would say cluttered) with so many activities, especially if they have children. When I was young we would go to school and after that homework and play outside until tea then bed. We were always popping around to play with the neighbour's kids and they to us and that led to easy relationships with parents too.

    Life was less stressed then! And yes, also we didn't have quite so many telephones, so popping to someone's house to see if they wanted something at the shops or checking on elderly folk was more the norm. Community was local and small. Now, community is global and large, which is why I can write a comment on your blog post and be a part of your community from the other side of the pond!

    I don't know which is better. I do miss the old days, but to be in touch with folk from all over the world at the click of a mouse is pretty amazing! Caro x

  3. Interesting post, and my thoughts are similar to the previous comments. I think our lives are busier now, and nearly every moment is planned. An uninvited or unexpected guest can really throw a curve into your schedule. I'm not saying it is better to be busy, but I know that when I have interruptions it throws my whole day off.


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