Wednesday, March 23, 2016

So Excited

I am SO over-the-top excited today.

If you've followed me here and on Webs of Threads, you may recall a few posts about how small my Creation Station is and my arrangement of furniture within.  

During the last couple weeks I've been considering an option that will kill two birds with one stone in giving much-needed storage space for my dozen or so genealogy records boxes (which includes easy access to the records), and I need to put my cutting table at a more ergonomic height.  I was at a local stationery store and saw the file cabinets.  Particularly the ones with three drawers.  They were displayed up on a shelf so I couldn't measure by standing next to them, so an aisle so away, I found a yardstick, lucky me!  The cabinet height measured 35.5"...seems good to me. 

That gave me the idea to put the cutting table top on four of them, giving me a total of 12 drawers for genealogy purposes.  The table top I use is a 30" x 60" heavy laminated top from an old metal desk.  The desk was scrapped as it was falling about, but I knew I wanted to keep the top specifically for this usage.  But first, I had to come home and measure, because I couldn't remember the dimensions of the top.  I wanted to make sure four cabinets would fit side by side under it...and they do will, perfectly.  
Taken from doorway
Whew, I took a break, and got the area cleared.  Now I just need help of one of DH or son to lift that heavy top off, remove these two file cabinets, and unpack and bring in the new 3-drawer ones.  These old 2-drawers have that huge 'empty' area at the bottom which adds height, and the new ones don't so that's why the 3-drawers still only measure 35.5" high.  Add the inch of the table-top, and it's perfect height for cutting.  I use that thin grippy mat stuff between the cabinet and table-top so that there's no sliding.

For now, I'm resting, and I'll be finding lunch soon.  Maybe I'll go down and see about getting the cabinets out of their cardboard shipping containers (and hope none have dents!).  I may have to install the handles, so will take care of that too if need be.

I'll post finished pix later...or tomorrow.


  1. Paint them a bright color and the dents won't matter.


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