Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Computer Insanity

I wrote about some of my computer issues on Saturday.  Some of those issues continued but hubs has my laptop working for now.  He's waiting to see if the problem returns once I shut it down.  I'm not planning on shutting it down until at least Friday night as I then know he'll be able to work on it Saturday if the problem does return. Any sooner and he wouldn't be able to work on it until he's "off work".

We also had to get our ISP involved on Monday as we had no internet or cable first thing in the morning and that will not work with Marty's working at home.  The tech found a couple problems outside in the neighborhood, and all has been sort-of good since.  This morning the TV had a lot of pixelation issues but that cleared after about an hour, and we dropped internet once, but it came back up within minutes...not a good thing that it dropped, but it was around the same time as the TV pixelation issue, so maybe a little behind-the-scenes work was still going on.

This evening my Dell is driving me insane!  I only use that laptop now for my Family Tree Maker, and only still use IT because it's FTM2006 and hasn't been updated...ever, on my machine, and won't run on my Win8 machine.  FTM is no longer being supported by but has been taken up by another company just recently, but I haven't decided what to do going forward.  The Dell is so old, I'm afraid it's just going to poop out one of these days, so I need to decide soon regarding FTM - I'll probably purchase the newest version and load it onto my Lenovo Win8, but I'm not sure I can transfer the OLD data from the very OLD FTM to the newest version.  OK, that was a total rabbit trail.  So just what is it about the Dell that's driving me insane?  It's making a faint high-pitched mechanical-whine noise and what's really weird is, if I hold my head in one position, I don't hear it.  If I move my head slightly, it's there.  I've put my right ear on the keyboard and hear it, but I don't hear it with my left ear when I put it on the keyboard.  I'm ready to put my headphones on to block it out.  I've never noticed this sound before.  So is it the machine?  Am I insane?  Did my right ear hearing change in a day?  Do you have a spare white coat?

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