Saturday, March 12, 2016

Love-Hate Relationship

I clearly have a love-hate relationship with computers & modern technology. Less than two years ago, my hubby replaced my old Dell laptop with a new Lenovo laptop.  The Dell was an XP which MicroSoft was no longer going to be supporting, and the Lenovo a wonderful (?) Win8 machine.

I got over the hurdle of learning Win8 for the most part, still don't much care for it.  XP was "perfect" for me, probably because I was so familiar with it for so many years.

A couple days ago, my laptop decided to not connect to the internet.  It had been fine the night before.  I had only closed the lid but had not shut it down, so there should have been no problem.  Not only did it not connect to the internet, it gave NO options of internet connections available at all.  It's done that once or twice, we seem to have issues with our wireless devices on occasion.  I thought I'd just restart it as that will cause it to reconnect, but not this time.  What I did get was an error message about a DPC Watchdog Violation.  This seems to be something common I discovered after Googling.  Husband's eventual work-around was to reset the computer back to March 6.  Unfortunately, Windows needed to do an they so frequently do...and the fear was that it would revert the reset back to the current date...and it did. We're back to square one.

I'm without my laptop today.  Marty's off doing some photogging with his buddy and won't be back likely until after dark.  I have the downstairs desktop, but it's not the same.  I'd like to be working in my own little space, where I can have the TV on in the background.

Perhaps it's best.  I've plenty of housework to catch up on again and plenty of things I can DO, including working on Allietare so I'll have made progress for when Panda and I meet on Monday.  We didn't meet this week as she traveled out of state.

Nick & I took a break and strolled through an antique mall, something he seems to like to do on occasion and had asked to do some time back when I wasn't up to it.  I do enjoy that now & then; seeing things I grew up with now being called antiques though is a bit unsettling.

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