Sunday, December 27, 2015


I'm not a remarkable goal-setter.  I've wondered if that's something that is developed in child-hood in someone by their well-intentioned parents, or if it's developed over time by an individual of their own accord, or perhaps if it's innate to their being.  I know there was no goal-setting taught in my childhood, and I've never been naturally good at goal-setting.  At times, I have made lists for specific events, so perhaps that's a bit of goal-setting, however small, with an end in mind, but never any strong, life-long goals.

Recently, I had coffee with a couple of friends.  We've started doing this about once a month so that we don't lose touch with each other now that our sons (who are friends) are at the age where they no longer need us to shuttle them around, and they don't get together that often on their own.  The one friend said that we need to make sure we intentionally make a date to meet for coffee; that her own husband has been reminding her to be intentional.   Now, when we meet and before we leave to our respective destinations, we are intentional about finding a date and putting into our cell-phone calendars.  It's scheduled.  It's nearly set-in-stone.  We've been intentional

I can't say I've been intentional about much of anything.  Pretty much, my life happens willy-nilly and by way of however I'm 'feeling' at any given moment.  More than a couple decades ago, I had a friend who had been in the Navy.  She room-mated with me for a couple of months, and I found it remarkable at how disciplined she was.  At the time, I remember thinking maybe it would have been a good thing for me to have been in the military to provide some intentioned structure in my life.  Of course, at that time, I was already beyond enlistment age and had other life issues that would have prevented me doing that, but I was also pretty busy and did have a daily employment schedule, church activities, and other events going on that kept me pretty well self-intentioned in my plans to where I had to get Day Runner!  My at-home time was totally unstructured though.

Somewhere along the line, after getting married, then having a child, staying at home, and a whole lot of life's "stuff", I fell out of sync with any and all structure and intention.  I have days where I don't bother showering, and realize I haven't even brushed my teeth or my hair, or gotten dressed out of my nightgown until well after noon.  

Looking forward to 2016, IF I were to set a goal, or at least work towards a goal, I'm thinking it would have to be, to BE more intentional about all my doings.  I don't know how it'll work out if at all; it seems a pretty daunting task, but I know if I don't start at least, there can never be any measure of success...notice I did not say perfection but all steps forward, whether walking, or running, can be successful...there just has to be that first step, and it's always the hardest.

Do you set goals?  Do you see yourself as structured? Intentional?  Have you always been that way?  If you are, did you become that way in childhood through your parents' (or others) teaching or lessons?  Feel free to share.

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