Friday, December 11, 2015

Trash Day

Friday's are trash day in our neighborhood, and this week it hasn't come soon enough. 

I've been battling a cold since Sunday.  How do you battle a cold?  Drink plenty of water, keep the humidifier going, maybe use some Vick's Vapor Rub, and take lots of naps but always, always keep a box of tissues and a trash can at hand.  I've used so many tissues, my nose hurts from them rubbing against it.
This is a FULL office-size trash can from my craft room.  There are others in every room of the house, and there are boxes of tissues in every room of the house.  I'm down to one reserve box in the storage closet.

Nick said I was snoring louder than Marty the other day.  

My eyes are watering, and my bronchial area hurts when I cough.

I'm most concerned about Nick catching this and praying he doesn't.  He has one more week of school for 2015, and I believe he has finals.  

Nick has the responsibility of gathering the trash from all rooms and setting the barrels at the curb.  It seems to be a constant area of "forgetfulness" until the morning.  Sometimes the trash truck arrives first.  This morning was another "forget" as well as blaming the alarm for not waking him up.  While he was in the shower, I gathered all the trash and set it by the door, tying up the bag ends so that he didn't get too close to all those nasty tissues.  It was the second time this week he's overslept, but he made it to school on time today as I fixed his breakfast for him, and he'll come home for lunch.  I haven't heard a trash truck yet.

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